Thursday, April 21, 2011

What I've Learned From Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution: Part 1

Jamie Oliver, love or hate him, has started a Food Revolution. It's about damn time. I know some vegan and raw foodists out there will focus on "it's not enough" but if I've learned anything on my own food journey, is that most people are not going to completely revamp their diet overnight, and especially not an establishment. Baby steps people. Jamie is focusing on improving food in schools, because, really, shouldn't the next generation learn from our food corruption? He is determined to teach parents and children the truth about what's really in our food. Bless him. 

So what have I learned so far? 

  • It takes only one voice to make a change
  • It starts with you
  • Demonstrations are a powerful thing
  • Parents do want the best for their kids; they just don't know how to provide that
  • There is more sugar in chocolate milk than a donut
  • Ground beef is more disgusting than I could imagine
  • Some people would rather be ignorant 
  • Money speaks volumes and in most cases is more important to the establishment than our kids health 

Sugar is a huge issue affecting our children right now. This is a demonstration Jamie showed on how much sugar the kids in the LA school district consume in a week, a WEEK!!! JUST from flavored milk! So donuts, ice cream, candy, etc. not included. This is just the sugar from flavored milks! A fourth grade class from Canada has started their own blog, The Milk Revolution, to educate their classmates and explore the consequences of sugar. Jamie has started a campaign to take sugary milks from school. You can sign his petition here


While I found the sugar issue to be particularly disturbing (hello childhood obesity, ADD, diabetes, etc.) I found myself thanking the Universe that I am a vegetarian. Jamie gave a particularly disturbing presentation that I am sure will turn most people off ground beef, unless it's 100% organic. During his presentation he showed how the industry turns "pink slime", essentially the excess parts of the cow that are not appropriate for human consumption, wash them with ammonia, yes, you read that correctly, and turn it into ground beef. Up to 15% of the ground beef you purchase can legally have this delightful filler, meaning in addition to the hormones you consume anyway by buying regular ground beef, your product also consists of toxic slime. Who wants to go to McDonald's and and get a hamburger? If you have a strong stomach, or are a meat eater, I STRONGLY recommend watching this video where Jamie breaks it down for you. 

Would you be willing to pay an extra $2.50 for a hamburger that did not use toxic slime or hormones? Or would you rather "take the blue pill" ala the Matrix? 

The Food Revolution airs Tuesday nights on ABC.

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  1. I don't know how anyone could watch that video and still eat meat! I wish Jamie Oliver great luck in his attempt to change the establishment!


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