Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Energy Medicine

Recently I started seeing a local healer who uses the methods created by Donna Eden.  Donna is a very courageous and inspiring woman.  Born with a heart murmur and metabolic problems, she soon developed tuberculosis.  As a child she had severe hypoglycemia and allergies; by age 16 she suffered from Multiple Sclerosis.  At 27 she had a heart attack, suffered from asthma in her 30's, had a near fatal insect bite at age 33 and developed breast cancer at age 34.  More than one doctor told her to get her affairs in order.  Instead of giving up, Donna, who had been able to see energy her entire life, used her gift to understand how her body worked.  She started experimenting with various techniques and watched the effect these "exercises" had on her energy field.  She learned how to balance her chakras and meridians and eventually healed herself.  She's now in her late 60's, and tours the world sharing her healing techniques.

I've been doing her "Daily Energy Routine" for about three weeks now and have noticed a burst in energy.  It's a really simple routine that anyone can do.  The exercises in the routine are designed to restore energy, strengthen the immune system, focus the mind, sharpen memory,expel toxic energies and protect the body from negative energies.  Here's a video of the daily routine:

Kim (my local healer) is also very intuitive and had some interesting reflections during my last visit.  She told me that she felt that in a past life I experienced a great love, one for the storybooks.  When my soul returned to experience this life, it eventually realized the other soul was not here.  The disappointment was such that my soul no longer wanted to continue life on this plane.  Isn't that interesting.  She also feels that my ying and yang are out of whack and I need to get down my my feminine self.  So, I've taken up knitting.  I'm definitely still a beginner, but just you wait, I'll be making sweaters and scarves in no time!

Kim's final message concerned the mother of all my tumors, I call her Faith (yes, I named my tumors), the original instigator, located in the left side of my neck.  This tumor is still stuck on the original programming; helping my soul exist this would.  She refuses to budge.  Kim feels that if I can eliminate Faith, the others will loose their enthusiasm and dissolve quickly.  This really resonated with me.  I've thought a lot about possible solutions.  One option is surgery, however, considering they refused to remove the tumor when I was originally diagnosed, whose to say they will do it now.  My second option is to really connect with Faith, spend time reassuring her that I no longer need her and it's ok to let go.  This may seem silly, but each cell in our body has it's own intelligence and prime directive and we are the master controller.  Many people have healed by communicating loving with their bodies.  There are some specific techniques, such as Soul Language, Ho'oponopono, gratitude exercises, mirror work and Reiki.  I plan on giving these methods a chance, for at least thirty days, and then decide whether or not to look into surgery.  I would prefer not to have to go that route, but will do as I must to heal. 

(Note:  I just looked in the mirror and tried to take a picture of the tumor, and it was TOO SMALL TO SHOW UP!!! It's definitely still pronounced, but much flatter than a few days ago!! I will continue sending healing and releasing thoughts and would appreciate any from my dear friends and readers. Thank you)


  1. I have faith that "Faith" is leaving us for good!

  2. I love it, It works, and i also hit this place once a day too..KayDee


  3. What a great post! Love the new look of the blog too.


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